Learning about gardening, and sustainability through play.
Education through Play


GoGarden is a way to teach kids about plants, and the importance of appreciating the beauty of plants through every stage of growth.

Understanding creativity through gardening

Design + Gardening

The entire cycle of growing food, mirrors the creative process, while teaching us about life and death.

Inspiring the next generation

Design Your Own Garden

The goal of GoGarden is to cultivate an awareness of the beauty of life, and the importance of caring about what we eat.


All of the fruits and vegetables featured in this game, were grown in our home garden during the course of a year. We called our front and back yards “Cometfarms” named after our street name.

The Design of Life

How are each of the leaves similar, or different? What visual connection is evident between the exterior and interior of the fruit?


GoGarden can be played by 2-4 players, ages 7+

Collect the Set

Each of the cards are grouped in sets of 4. Collect the most sets to win.

Do You Have...?

Ask another player of the have a specific card that you need to complete the set.